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Other Equipment

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Various Brise-Bris Rods

Brise-bris rods are mounted directly onto windows/doors or between window/door frames, right in front of the shaft (press vitrage – an aluminium rodlet bearing a spring, so that you can just tighten it to the measurement desired). In case of mounting onto windows or doors, we suggest chrome-silver and brass-golden rods. If you prefer press vitrages we offer you various types in white or golden color (90-152cm only in golden color). In both cases, brise-bris rods are very practical to set. Brise-bris rods and press vitrages can be stretched, which means they are denoted by their differing maximum lengths. I.e:

Brise-bris rod: 0,4-0,6m; 0,6-0,8m; 0,8-1m;

Press vitrage: 30-43cm; 40-60cm; 56-91cm; 90-152cm.


Custom Coated Wooden Pelmets (masks)

We produce custom wooden masks coated with same the fabric or fabric compatible with the draperies, depending on your desires.


Curtain Rivets

We also offer you curtain rivets in chrome color. These rivets are produced for decorative curtainrails, 20mm in diameter and for steel cables.


Ligature Equipment For Curtains

You can also choose among a multitude of details that will make your curtains more functional and gallant. We offer you various types of brass and chromed crotchets and abrazos curtain holders as well as a wide range of various sewn ligatures or tassels.