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About us

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We are Majstori Ltd. We started off as a retail shop in 1994. In the following three years we evolved into a private enterprise. We have 17 years of masterly experience in furnishing rooms with curtains and curtain rails!

Our retail trade includes cooperation with a vast number of renowned architects and interior designers, with whom we have furnished a number of luxury properties, private houses and businesses across Serbia and the region. Our curtains and curtainrails adorn the homes of many celebrities from our cultural and public life, as well as many hotels and public institutions.

In addition to that, we have been growing through the wholesale of curtain rails, working with other craftsmen who create curtains. From the very beginning we have been a direct importer of world famous KIRSCH curtain rails. Our rich and permanent assortment of drapery, which we fashion specially for individual orders, contributes to our flourishing relationships in the business. We are proud that we have been among the first in Belgrade to introduce curtain rails with a mechanism to pull the curtains.

Curtains, decorative fabrics and curtainrails are an important element in equipping your space. Your wishes and needs are our primary goal. Choosing the right type of a curtainrail, the mode of setting and sewing your curtains, while assuring the utmost rationality in using fabrics and delivering prices, require the work of a professional. Our service includes free of charge visits to film the space and take measurements, designing, assistance in choosing fabrics and a complete realisation of the agreed solution. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients speak best of our criteria, commitment and effectiveness of our solutions.

We are a small and unpretentious company that earned its good name by cherishing the impeccable quality of goods and production, amenity and reasonable prices and above all by following the highest aesthetic standards.